Camera Man
Courtesy Loewentheil Family Collection, New York

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Ever wondered why so many daguerreotypes of exceptional quality were created in Gold Rush era California and why so many of them are listed as "maker unknown"? Click here for a possible answer.

Chasing Aurora is a follow-up to the "Big Book":

Carleton Watkins: The Complete Mammoth Photographs

With Special thanks to Stephen Ananya, Stanley B. Burns, Karen and Steve Heselton, Drew Johnson, Debra Kaufman, Joanna Kennedy, W. Bruce Lundberg, Leonard Walle, and Jennifer Watts.

1. Man Without a Face

2. Aurora Borealis

3. End of Innocence

4. Steamship Crescent City

5. "Canoa!-Canoa!"

6. The Living Present

7. Homo Faber--Man as Maker

8. Valparaíso, 1849

9. Valparaíso 1850--New Directions

10. Ho! For California!

11. A Delicate Balance

12. Daguerreian in the Mother Lode