Carleton Watkins                                “Ho! For California!”


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Found below are descriptive titles of three views made in Valparaíso before departure.  Six more are in geographical order from south to north as they would have been made or acquired in the course of a journey by sea from Valparaíso to San Francisco in the second half of 1850.  Titles and inventory numbers appear as assigned by Vance in his Catalog (hereafter cited as “R.V.”).


Valparaíso, Chile:

109.  View of a Portion of Valparaíso, S[outh] A[America].

130.  English Admiral’s House, Valparaíso, S[outh]A[merica].

131.  View of Valparaíso, from American Consul’s residence showing fort and barracks in the distance.

Cuzco, Peru:

108.  View of the Cathedral at Cuzco, Peru.  Note:  Cuzco was a multi-day journey from Lima; likely the work of an unknown maker and acquired by Vance during his travels through Peru in 1849-1850.

Panama City, New Granada

105.  Panoramic View of Panama [City], taken from the  Cathedral, showing the surrounding country, Island of Bogota, and others in the Pacific, ruins of various churches and monasteries.  Note:  Carleton Watkins spent mid-February to early May, 1849, in Panama with the Collis Huntington party from Otsego County, New York, and thus would know the layout of the city and its monuments well.

106.  View of the Cathedral.

107.  View of the Islands opposite Panama [City].

Acapulco, Mexico

103.  Panoramic View of Acapulco, from a hill back of the city, showing the City, harbor, with the steamers Panama and Sea Bird, and others, lying at anchor.

104.  Acapulco, from the bay, showing a front view of the city and mountains in the background.


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